Case Study: SOLIDWORKS Solutions utilized by House of Design as they output unique robot solutions.

House of Design has been featured in a SOLIDWORKS case study reviewing implementation benefits realized as House of Design required a 3D CAD system to design additional system components and assemblies.

HOUSE OF DESIGN: Integrating Innovative, Unique Robotic Systems Applications with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Excerpt – “While we buy all of our robots from ABB, the robots represent just one part of our custom automation systems,” notes Engineering Manager Tony Lancaster. “We add value by using the robots to invent new manufacturing processes through the design, fabrication and installation of all of the ancillary equipment, mechanical controls, interface tools and operational software. Because we can use integrated SOLIDWORKS tools to collaboratively create our mechanical designs and electrical schematics, we are able to develop our value-add systems as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

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