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Robot Programming 1

Kickstart your career at House of Design Robotics

Robot Programming 2

Get into the nuts and bolts of Programming

Robot Studio 1

Learn the Software!


Robot Programming 1

This course teaches the foundational principles and skills required to operate and program ABB industrial robots. Technicians, engineers, service personnel, supervisors, and system integrators will all benefit from this course. Following successful completion, students will be able to manually operate robots and create basic programs using the teach pendant. The course emphasizes hands-on experience with the robots.

December 10th – 13th 2018
January 7th – 10th 2019
April 22nd - 25th 2019

Robot Programming 2

This course advances the skills and knowledge introduced in Programming I. Engineers, supervisors and system integrators will particularly benefit from this course. Students will be able to apply higher level programming techniques and IO integration. The course emphasizes online programming using ABB’s industry-leading RobotStudio software and hands-on experience with real robots.

February 25th - 28th 2018
May 20th – 23rd 2019

ABB RobotStudio 1

This course introduces students to ABB’s RobotStudio software. The course accommodates those with none to moderate RobotStudio experience. Following this course, students will be able to create, simulate, and transfer programming in RobotStudio. This course emphasizes offline programming and distinguishes itself by emphasizing interaction directly with the software and real robots.

October 29th – November 1st 2018
March 11th – 14th 2019

Vision - COGNEX Easybuilder & Spreadsheet Standard

Classroom setting, coach-conducted course that combines tutorial with practical exercises on camera equipment. Learn about equipment, common hardware and software errors, capturing images, navigate spreadsheets, utilize spreadsheet and locator tools, playback and custom views. Students will learn to configure inputs and outputs, they will implement fixtures and more.

November 12th – 15th 2018
April 8th – 11th 2019




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