Shane Dittrich - Principal / CEO

April Dittrich - Principal / Chemical Engineer

Ryan Okelberry - Principal / COO

Monica Okelberry - Principal / HR Manager

Tony Lancaster - Mechanical Engineering Manager

Trent Ward - Project Manager

Mike Luna - Software Engineering Manager

Sam Barker - Manufacturing Manager

Jason Giuffrè - Project Manager

Brandon Shmidt - Systems Integration Manager

Mike Tischendorf - Machine Shop Manager

Chad Svedin - Project Manager

Tanda Weeks - Procurement & Process Controller

Joe Mason - Service / Business Development Manager

John Glerum - Business Analyst

Trevor Hall - Robotics Training Instructor

Peter Kappes - Video Producer

Dawn Pham - Office Administration / Bookkeeper

Jenny Petersen - Service Coordinator

Corina Sprenger - Office Assistant / Receptionist

Peter Ashworth - Mechanical / Electrical Engineer II

Richie Grindstaff - Robotic Controls Engineer I

Jack Wiley - Mechanical Engineer I

Chris Rivas - Robotic Systems Engineer I

Matt Frost - Robotic Systems Engineer II

Gates Lawler - Mechanical Engineer I

Oscar Williamson - Robotic Systems Engineer II

Kalli Otto - Mechanical Engineer I

Steven Parker - Mechanical Engineer I

Darren Zaugg - Mechanical Engineer II

Sean Ays - Robotic Systems Engineer

Michael Baker - Robotic Systems Engineer II

Chris Brown - Mechanical Engineer I

Tony Foster - Mechanical Engineer

Cole Logemann - Mechanical Engineer I

Anthony D' Andrea - Mechanical Engineer I

Aaron Whetzel - Software Engineer

Matthew Moorhead - Mechanical Engineer I

Kendrick Stalnaker - Mechanical Engineer I

Caden Humpherys - Robotic Systems Engineer

Victoria Lucich - Drafting Intern

Rob Carlson - Mechanical Engineer II

Patrick Wiley - Mechanical Drafter / Designer

Chris Annin - Robotic Systems Engineer II

Hana Bilowit - Robotic Controls Engineer

Ron Grover - Software Application Engineer

Alberto Cruz - Robotic Systems Service Engineer

Angie Paxton - Assembly Technician I

Jake Roessler - Assembly Technician I

Cody Keene - Assembly Technician I

Forrest Wyble - Assembly Technician I

Matt Houston - Assembly Technician I

Thomas Lancaster - Assembly Technician I

Taylor Howell - Assembly Technician I

Ethan Hughes - Intern

Ethan Maul - Intern




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