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Documentation [Closed] Install Splicer to Pre-Plate Conveyors

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  • Align the flexlink conveyors roughly in position based on the chalk line layout. Remove the side panels of the conveyor that doesn’t have the tie plates sticking out by loosening the lock nuts on the sides of the plate, as well as the bolts that connect the plates to the legs. (Next revision has access holes)
  • Connect the two conveyor sections together by aligning the two tie plates into the mating hole of the extrusion on the other section.
  • Tighten the tie bracket set screws on both sides of the conveyor section.
  • Install the side plates back in place by aligning the T-nuts in the aluminum extrusion and tightening the lock nuts, as well as the top tie brackets.
  • Using the string method, run the string line from the press conveyor to the far end of the flexlink. Set the end of the conveyor in position and align the rest of the conveyor using the string line method. Anchor all conveyor legs in place.
  • Once aligned and anchored, bring the roll of chain over to the motor side of the conveyor.
  • Remove the pin from the last link of chain using the pin installation tool.
  • Remove the motor cover by loosening the four cover bolts. Set aside.
  • Feed the chain from the bottom side of the conveyor, starting on the motor side. Have one person feed the chain, and another person pull the chain through the extrusion. Ensure the arrows embossed on the chain link are traveling in the correct direction for the motion of the conveyor (towards the press on the top side).
    • Tip: Have someone spin the spool while the chain is being fed to prevent twisting of the chain.

  • Run the chain around the far sprocket and along the top side of the conveyor.
  • Once the chain has reached the motor on the top side, spin the fan to manually turn the sprocket, while feeding the chain down until both loose ends are at the bottom of the conveyor.
    • Note: Add note on increasing slack in belt to add pin.
  • Using the pin installation tool, install the pin to connect the two links. Ensure the plastic insert in in the chain prior to inserting the pin.
  • Using the manual leveling method, set the height of the conveyor to the press height. Adjust all legs accordingly.
  • Install the thru beam sensors onto the tie bracket plates