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Documentation [Closed] Install Splicer Cell

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  • Align the splicer cell based on chalk line layout. Fine tune the position of the cell based on the splicer to pre plate conveyor section such that the center of the splicer conveyor is centered on the inlet of the Flexlink conveyor.
  • Set the cell XX” from the edge face of the Flexlink conveyor to the face of the side of the splicer cell.
  • Use the string method through the splicer cell to validate the final position.
  • Raise the skid caster wheels using a XX wrench.
  • Raise or lower the feet to get the skid level. Using the manual leveling method to set the height the splicer skid. Validate that the transition is smooth with a board.
  • Install the seismic restraints around the caster feet and anchor in place.