Not exactly. We SUPPORT the manufacturing industry, specifically building component and offsite construction companies. Yes, we manufacture automated systems, but we also provide software and outstanding customer support and training. We integrate ABB robots, our preplate cells, and patented end-of-arm-tooling with a variety of industry-standard equipment to manufacture roof and floor trusses and wall panels.

We focus on bringing advanced technologies and innovation to the building component, modular, and offsite construction industries. We are open to investment in the research and development of potential products based on the expanding needs of the construction and building component industries.

We believe in the collaboration of people and robotics and how that connection can bolster industries in new, expansive, and unimaginable ways. The repetitive, dangerous, and physically demanding duties now done by machinery frees up the human mind for the critical thinking tasks it’s best suited for. Likewise, giving workers the automation tools they deserve provides greater efficiencies and more desirable workplaces.

A designation by ABB indicates consistent and quality outcomes. Members are authorized technical partners for defined ABB products and channel applications. We utilize ABB Robots due to their world-class customer service, wide range of robots, ease of use, and history of manufacturing high-quality and innovative products used worldwide. Learn more here.

Our BUILT to BUILD family of products includes the Automated Roof Truss System, Automated Floor Truss System, Panel Openings Assembly, and Panel Framing Assembly. Please contact or visit our Products page for more information.

House of Design started by creating custom applications for a wide range of fields: apparel, aerospace, medical supply, consumer goods and electronics, assembly line production, and packaging.

House of Design made a strategic shift to equipment product manufacturing based on these market drivers in the construction and building component sectors:
• High and sustained demand for housing
• Labor shortages, workers aging out, industry not attracting youth
• Need for sustainability and safer, more attractive jobs

Our support packages are comprehensive and usually included in the price of a system. Our customer success team works proactively to ensure maximum uptime and system reliability. Our goal is human-centered design; we strive to make your operator’s daily experience easier. Support programs include field service and maintenance, remote monitoring, spare parts procurement, staff training, and knowledge-base access. Learn more about Customer Success.

Please contact us at or visit our knowledge base for basic information. We are always available and eager to help. Need immediate assistance? Call us at 208-495-0555.

Our products are an integration of successful and proven technologies. House of Design uses several local and regional manufacturers and fabricators near our headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. Other top components included in our products are:
• ABB Robots – manufactured in the USA, Sweden, and China
• B&R Automation Components – manufactured in Eggelsberg, Austria, or Gilgenberg, Poland
• Dorner Conveyors – manufactured in the USA, Germany, Malaysia, and Mexico
• Gudel – manufactures out of many worldwide facilities


Our company is growing. As automation opportunities increase, so does our need for talent. Check out our current job openings.


We are currently sponsoring or considering sponsorships based on these priorities:
• We sponsor up to 6 local Idaho robotics clubs every year
• K-12 STEM education
• Affordable housing initiatives and organizations

We work with and provide volunteers to Idaho organizations and clubs encouraging STEM-based education and hobbies. Our employees love being involved.

Currently tours are on hold as we move into our new facility. Please email for details.