Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hiring?

As automation opportunities increase, so does our need for high quality engineers and employees. We work with the Idaho Department of Labor in recruiting for open positions.
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What does it mean to be an ABB Value Provider?

A designation by ABB indicating consistent and quality outcomes. Members are authorized technical partners for defined ABB products as well for the channel type specific offering covering sales, support, service and/or engineering. In 2017, House of Design won ABB’s award – Most Innovative Solution, out of all ABB’s Value Providers for all of North, Central and South Americas. Learn about the ABB Value Provider Program

Are you a manufacturer?

Not exactly, we SUPPORT the manufacturing industry. Yes, we manufacture our client’s systems through design, build and install but our primary practice is to provide the machinery, infrastructure and robots to help companies afford to onshore their manufacturing processes permanently.

What is a robot system’s integrator?

We take robots (ABB Robots) and we incorporate them into a system that solves a problem or automates a process for our client. We design the system, build it and install it. Then we provide training and service for the systems we create.

Who is your customer?

Current industries we are serving – medical, sports, footwear, agriculture, consumer electronics, aerospace, construction, etc. We work with manufacturing companies, most of the projects require discretion and privacy as they are proprietary and have the capacity to change the industries they will work within. We provide training and robot/parts sales to both companies and individuals.

Do you sell products?

Our first product is a produce stacker. The produce stacker in an automated system which packages and palletizes bales, bags and bins of produce. Learn more about the House of Design Produce Stacker.

Are robots taking our jobs?

We are helping to change jobs that are unsafe, unfulfilling and have high turn-over rates into jobs that are more engaging and have a higher skill set that becomes marketable for the individual. The demand for automation is changing jobs and when companies have great employees they invest in those employees to learn new skills within the company. We teach robot programming, safety and maintenance. House of Design has grown from 2 employees to 90+. We hope to continue to be a resource to create more manufacturing jobs here in Idaho.

How are you involved in the community?

We are currently sponsoring teams in the First Robotics Competition and the Vex Robotics Competition

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