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ABB IRB 6640

Pay load: 130 – 235 kg
Reach: 2.55 – 3.2 m
ABB IRB 6640

ABB IRB 6640

A strong robot for numerous applicationss

IRB 6640 Foundry Prime robot is designed for washing and cleaning applications. It is based on proven components from earlier generations, to ensure ease of maintenance and exchangeability as well as high up time.

Upper arm extenders and different wrist modules allow customization to each process. As the robot can bend fully backwards, the working range is greatly extended allowing it to fit well into dense production lines. The robot is available with Foundry Prime protection suitable for harsh working environments.

Higher payload
The maximum payload is 235 kg, which makes it suitable for a variety of heavy material handling applications. The robot also follows the tradition of having outstanding inertia capabilities, which makes it possible to handle heavy and wide parts. ABB robots are also known for their collision resistance.

Easy maintenance
Simplified fork lift pockets and more space in the robot foot make the robot easier to maintain.

Productivity and utilization
The scalable workspace of IRB 6620LX makes it possible to operate several stations within a robot cell or alternatively several cells with only one robot. Enabling the robot to perform value-added processing tasks in addition to ”basic” material handling also helps increase robot utilization. As a result, productivity and utilization are improved at the same time as investment is reduced.

Increased path performance
The IRB 6640 is compatible with second generation TrueMove® and QuickMove®. The software allows for more accurate motion in shorter programming times for improved processes. The software also monitors internal robot loads which reduces the risk of overload and increases the robot‘s life cycle.

Passive safety features
Passive safety features include load identification, movable mechanical stops, Electronic Positions Switches (EPS) and a stiff steel structure.

Main applications:

  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • High Pressure Deburring
  • Immersion Cleaning
  • Water Jet Cleaning
  • Washing