Factory Automation for Offsite Construction

Advanced automated and robotic solutions, tailored for building component and offsite construction companies. Our systems optimize production, enhance safety, quality, and efficiency, delivering superior results while boosting employee quality of life.

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Advancing the construction industry with innovative technologies. Our BUILT to BUILD equipment encompasses material delivery and movement, automated truss systems, wall panel production, stand-alone preplate, and factories to support your existing workforce, driving growth through increased capacity and consistent output.

Future of Homebuilding: Robotic Solutions Showcase

Join us for an engaging session to explore the latest advancements in robotics and automation technology in the construction industry. Enjoy a complimentary lunch - simply come to learn and connect with industry experts in a casual setting. Come curious, leave inspired!
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Join Us - July 18th, 2024
Who is this robotics demo intended for?
* You must be a professional in the homebuilding, building components, truss manufacturing, modular construction, or paper forest products sectors to attend this exclusive demo.
  • Homebuilders
  • Building Components
  • Truss Manufacturers
  • Modular Manufacturers
  • Paper Forest Products

Automate processes to increase capacity and throughput

House of Design's robotic systems maximize efficiency and productivity - typically achieving positive ROI in under five years.

Boost precision and product quality

Our robotic systems deliver reliability, with near-perfect connector plate placement on trusses and components built to precise standards.

Mitigate impending labor shortages

Automation helps address labor challenges such as recruitment, retention, rising wages, and an aging workforce.

Improve worker safety and job satisfaction

An automated system can greatly improve workplace safety while eliminating the need for operators to handle heavy boards or perform repetitive tasks.
New Product Release

Introducing the AMD Series

Our AMD series robotic solution simplifies the process of embedding nail plates on truss members and seamlessly delivers them to a truss table set up via tracks and conveyors within proximity to your existing table. This provides for an easy and efficient truss building experience.
Robotic Solutions for LGS in Modular Construction

Light Gauge Steel in Modular Construction

By harnessing the versatility and strength of light gauge steel (LGS), we are redefining the possibilities of modular construction. Leveraging our extensive experience in building automated panel lines, we are introducing our robotic solutions for Light Gauge Steel.
Factory Automation
Leading the way in offsite construction factory automation with House of Design Robotics' cutting-edge robotic solutions.
Louws Truss
Builders FirstSource
Letherer Truss
Bunnings Warehouse
Factory Automation
Factory Automation
Factory Automation
With the implantation of our HoD Robots we have added a truly functional and reliable component to our manufacturing process. Our employees have embraced the change knowing that these improvements will make their jobs easier, while at the same time maintaining the quality and consistency especially with our connector plates. With the uniformity of the robotic system and the excellent service and support we receive it helps lay to rest our concerns with labor shortages we have experienced knowing we can count on them to operate every day. The safety protocols with the equipment are top notch and everyone that works around the robots with confidence, the typical injuries from extra handling of the component materials has been practically eliminated.
Jeff Letherer
President at Letherer Truss, Inc.
The HoD system has created a lot of excitement and employee engagement in our organization. Our employees have been eager to learn and work with this exciting new technology. The quality of the trusses and plate placement is substantially better than
a manual build and the output on the machine is extremely reliable and predictable. We used to touch a piece of lumber fourteen times and now we touch it between 4 and 5 depending on the product mix. It was both more efficient and less impactful on people.
John (BJ) Louws
President at Louws Truss Inc.
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Our industry-leading products and software. Robotic Systems built to Build roof, floor, and wall components, ensuring speed, accuracy, and reliability.
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AMD Series
AMD-1100 | An Automated Material Delivery and buffering system that embeds nail plates on boards and delivers them via conveyors to an existing roof table. It is operated by 3 employees.
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AMD Series
AMD-1200 | An Automated Material Delivery and buffering system that embeds nail plates on boards and delivers them via conveyors to an existing roof table. It is operated by 5 employees.
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